Morocco Luxury Tours and Private Deluxe Tented Camps

Luxury Tours, Sahara Desert Camps, High Atlas Treks and Private Safari Tented camps

Mobile and Permanent Deluxe tented camps

With over a decade of experience, we at Morocco Luxury Camps specialize in organizing deluxe mobile and fixed camps in the High Atlas and into the Sahara desert. We also offer a selection of luxury tours in small groups and tour services that guarantee authentic travel experiences and forever memorable holidays you will treasure for a long time. All our luxury tours and deluxe tented camps featured on our website have been designed with much care and attention to every detail to fit all budgets, big and small. At Morocco Luxury Camps, we are committed to making you receive the worth of each penny that you spend on your selected camp. Your satisfaction is important, that’s why we offer a money-back guarantee in case the camp you stayed at and the holiday you went on were lower in value than the one you booked. 

Luxury Tours that offer authentic travel experiences

For keen travelers who would like to discover the magical Sahara desert, the stunning High Atlas mountains and some of the most iconic sights in Morocco, we at Morocco Camps offer a selection of private trips and high Atlas trekking tours in deluxe mobile or fixed camps that combine breathtaking landscapes with exceptional comfort in luxury and fully inclusive tented camps. When staying at our camps, the whole team of Morocco Luxury Camps works hard to offer you the most rewarding and remarkable holiday experiences in elegant private tented camps. We offer a selection of wisely crafted innovative tour packages off-the-beaten path and away from the well-trodden tourist routes giving you the opportunity to see and explore some of the most awe-inspiring places Morocco has to offer.

Morocco Luxury Tours on private deluxe tented camps
Morocco luxury camps desert and tours

Carefully designed for travelers who would like to discover the magical Sahara desert and Southern Morocco, Morocco Luxury Camps creates private and authentic luxury tented camps that move every-day following you on your holiday itinerary and set up by our experienced Berber crew anywhere you wish to explore. With over 10 years of experience in organizing tours in Morocco, we offer a selection of luxury desert trips with overnight stays in deluxe tented camps that combine breathtaking landscapes with exceptional comfort and offer all our guests the best way to discover Morocco’s most stunning desert locations. Our luxury desert camps are exclusive, meaning designed specifically to meet your needs and your specific requirements, and to suit the schedule, budget and interests of travelers who want a private holiday in Morocco.

High Atlas treks on Safari mobile tented camps
Morocco Luxury Camps Morocco Desert Camps High Atlas Luxury Camps

Our Safari camp has all the romance of a mobile tented camp with Safari tents. These private camps are ideal for active families, couples or groups of friends looking for a short escape into the Atlas Mountains, a camel trek into the Sahara desert, a journey of discovery or simply a relaxing time. There is nothing to compare with being in fixed tented camps setting in one place, you have come to see the stunning high Atlas and enjoy breathtaking landscapes with the sights and sounds of nature close at hand, be as close to the rhythm of nature as possible and our luxury mobile camps provide the perfect way to do so.

Our Safari camps are fully inclusive mobile styled canvas tented camps that offer guests the perfect balance between comfort, intimacy and splendid isolation. Designed with function in mind, the A-frame Safari tents are stylish, beautiful and very spacious.

Cultural trips and luxury private tours to Morocco's iconic and must-see attractions

Private Luxury Sahara Desert Tours

morocco luxury camps and luxury desert tours

With over a decade of experience in organizing memorable trips in Morocco, we offer a selection of luxury tours in small groups and tour services that guarantee you authentic experiences and forever memorable holidays. We propose and design wisely planned tour packages away from the well-trodden tourist routes giving you the opportunity to explore some of the most iconic landscapes and awe-inspiring places Morocco have to offer.

Trekking in the High Atlas Mountains

morocco luxury camps trekking the high atlas of morocco

One of the best ways to discover the High Atlas Mountains is to walk the land, admire the natural beauty, swap smiles with locals in far-off villages and sleep under the stars in a charming mobile tented camp with the sights and sounds of nature close at hand. From the peaceful green valleys to the wild high trails of high Atlas, our hiking and trekking holidays are designed for hikers and hill-walkers who prefer a hearty hike over a scenic drive.

Imperial Cities and Culture Tours

morocco luxury camps culture tours of morocco

From the vibrant and exotic imperial cities of Morocco to the timeless Berber villages of the high atlas, we propose a selection of cultural immersion programs and well-planned trips that offer the right balance between seeing the sights, visiting monuments, museums, historic sites and then having a truly immersive experience. All our cultural tours base on sharing the lives, traditions, and activities with the local population. 

Nomadic tented camps - Merzouga and Erg Chegaga sand dunes

Our nomadic permanent Sahara desert camps offer the ideal option for travelers who would like to spend one or a couple of nights in the middle of Moroccan Sahara desert. All our nomadic desert camps at Merzouga, Zagora and Erg Chegaga sand dunes feature large traditional decorated black tents and each spacious sleeping tent is luxuriously furnished and completed with comfortable king-size or twin beds. Each luxury tent can accommodate up to 4 people whereby you can choose between single or king size double beds, all equipped with comfortable mattresses, pillows, hand and bath towels, warm fluffy duvets, and the all finest bed linens.

Further equipment includes bedside table and lamps, mirror, laundry hanger stand and enough power for lighting. Each luxurious Nomadic tent has a large en-suite bathroom with flushing toilet, wash stand basins and hot water showers 24 hours.