Morocco Luxury Camps

Luxury tours and private deluxe tented camps in Morocco

Morocco Luxury Camps is a fully licensed and environmentally-friendly Moroccan travel company based in Marrakesh since 2005 and specialised in organising Luxury Tours and deluxe tented camps throughout Morocco. With over 13 years of experience, we at Morocco Luxury Camps offer a wide range of wisely crafted innovative tour packages off-the-beaten path and away from the well-trodden tourist routes giving outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers the best opportunity to see and explore some of the most awe-inspiring places Morocco has to offer. With many years of experience in organizing mobile and fixed camps, and arranging a large choice of small group tours, the whole team of Morocco Luxury Camps works hard to offer you the most rewarding and remarkable holiday experiences in elegant private tented camp accommodations.

Luxury Private Tours and Deluxe tented camps that offer authentic travel Experiences
Service so Attentive, You Never Have to Ask

Personal attention and care is of high importance here in our camps and on our trips. The friendly Berber staff will go to their extremes to ensure that you have a wonderful, satisfying and memorable stay and everything is done at your leisure. At our camps, one staff member for every two guests ensures attentive service that is personalised yet unobtrusive. We want to create the Morocco’s most comfortable and luxurious mobile camps and we want every person who visits us to be awestruck by our facilities and our warm welcome. We want to make every trip a wonderful experience you will remember for lifetime and the professional guide and Berber crew who accompany you is one of the most important factors in the success of your journey.

Responsible tourism is part of every mobile tented camp

Responsible tourism has always been of the highest importance and we adopt a responsible attitude to the areas we travel through. Our code of conduct ensures we have a positive influence on the environment and continuously make the respect for the nature and the environment our ultimate ethos. Our motto wherever we travel is « Everything that comes with us leaves with us, and we take nothing from the land but memories » and guests hoping to travel with us should adopt the same philosophy. However we do, we are aware that we are having an impact on the environment. The whole team of Morocco Luxury Camps endeavours to minimise this impact and protect the environment and natural resources as part of the main objective for responsible and sustainable tourism.

Morocco Luxury Camps Objective and Commitment

At Morocco Luxury Camps, we are very proud to be one of the best local travel companies that offer reliable and the best possible services to its guests whilst travelling in Morocco alongside giving an insight into Moroccan culture, cuisine, traditions and natural beauty of Morocco. It is right that every one works to earn a living and we at Morocco Luxury Camps works hard to offer you rewarding and remarkable holiday experiences and to show our guests real Morocco the way it should be seen. Throughout our journeys we always aim to make our valuable clients discover our wonderful country in general and Berber culture, traditions and current everyday life in particular.

Our ultimate Objectives and Commitments are
  • Make your stay at our camps an unforgettable experience that lasts in mind for long time
  • Show you Morocco the way it should be seen
  • Show you the most beautiful places Morocco has to offer
  • Take you away from the well-trodden tourists routes to rarely visited places
  • Offering you the best and reliable possible services
  • Offering you a 24-hour travel support before, during and after the trip
  • Guarantee you an amazing time travelling with us
  • Providing professional and experienced guides during your journey with us
  • Providing a variety of reliable air-conditioned vehicles available for tours and transport
  • Take care of all your travel arrangements
  • Be at your service and give you all information you may need about you selected trip
  • Select the best possible and comfortable accommodations to suit your needs