Light Mobile Dome Tented Camps

Our Dome tented camps are the most traditional form of camping transported to the most scenic and rarely-visited parts of Morocco. The Dome mobile camp is a traditional under-canvas camp designed to balance authenticity with comfort providing visitors with the true quality of wilderness experiences that is rare to find on safari today and give our guests the opportunity to travel away from the well-trodden tourist routes to the remotest corners of Morocco. The Dome tented camps we offer are private and will set up exclusively for your group and when you move onto your next location, your camp moves as well, leaving no trace of your presence in the pristine wilderness.

Accommodation is in dome tents, beautiful and very spacious enough for 2 people. Each dome tent is equipped with comfortable mattresses, fitted sheets, pillows, bath towel and warm duvets or sleeping bags. Outside the entrance to every Safari tent, two comfortable director’s chairs provide the perfect vantage point for the views, sunrises or sunsets. Bathroom facilities are provided with large hot water shower, flush toilet, and wash-hand basin. The entire camp, pathways, ablution and communal areas are lit at night with traditional candle lanterns that create a warm ambience.

The sorts of journeys we put together can involve moves of considerable distances in a day, so these private and exclusive Dome tents are completely mobile to a new wilderness area every day with the equipment needs to be portable – whether by mule or camel if you are trekking, or by 4 wheel vehicles if travelling long distances. At the end of each day there is nothing quite like arriving to your camp in the late afternoon after an exhilarating sightseeing or trekking day. You will find that your ever-friendly Berber crew have everything in hand. Tents set up, lanterns and fire lit, water for washing hot, afternoon tea or coffee and food ready to go. Personal attention and care is of high importance here in our camps, the friendly Berber staff will go to their extremes to ensure that you have a wonderful, satisfying and memorable stay and everything is done at your leisure.

What are the food and Service at our Dome Tented Camps Like ?

All the Dome mobile camps we offer have also lavishly decorated mess tent incorporating a sitting area that has comfortable stools for comfortable dining as well as relaxing in camp when not out exploring the breathtaking scenery. We make meal times a pleasant moment. Pretty plates and bowls make a stylish addition to any table, whilst beautiful cutlery completes the dining experience. Colourful linens and tablecloths add the final flourish. The mess tent is complete with candlelight making the nights under canvas memorable experiences you will remember for lifetime.

On our mobile Dome camps, you will savour the delights of our gastronomy when you taste tajines, couscous, harira and a wide range of other Berber traditional dishes during the tour days. Supplies of fresh fruits and vegetables are available, as well as Moroccan pastries which are stuffed with almond paste and fresh bread is baked every day. Each of our trips is accompanied by a trained Berber cook who prepares excellent three hearty meals each day. All meals are always prepared and cooked to meet the highest standards of hygiene. Menus can be custom-designed around your favourites and the daily menus can also be customised to meet the needs of each individual group.

Food is an important aspect of our trips and well-balanced meals which are varied and of good quality as we realise that it is an important part of the holiday to experience meals that are not only well-balanced and healthy to support all the outdoor activity, but also to help you discover Morocco through its famous cuisine. Delicious food is certainly one of the highlights of travelling in Morocco and every meal is a new page in Moroccan gastronomy symbolising a culinary heritage that is our pride.

A few Photos of our Light Mobile Tented Camps